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Wendy Youth

Wendy Youth

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Perfect for all her daily adventures, The Wendy Youth features elastic laces that keep these 'lil dudes securely on. The low-top slip-on style is both cute and functional, making getting 'em dressed easy & quick! 



    • Flex & Fold Technology
    • Soft cotton canvas
    • Easy-On System with elastic laces
    • UltraLIGHT Outsole
    • Ergonomic, leather-lined, removable memory-foam insole
    • Machine washable (cold), Air dry 


    Please note: There may be a slight variance in the product print, color or application due to different manufacturing methods used.

    Due to the resolution of your mobile and computer screens, actual color may vary.


      Product No. 5 Standard Correspondence
      US SIZE 5 EU SIZE 36
      Foot Length 9 INCH/22.9 CM

      Product No. 6 Standard Correspondence
      US SIZE 6 EU SIZE 37
      Foot Length 9.25 INCH/23.5 CM

      Product No. 7 Standard Correspondence
      US SIZE 7 EU SIZE 38
      Foot Length 9.50 INCH/24.1 CM

      Product No. 8 Standard Correspondence
      US SIZE 8 EU SIZE 39
      Foot Length 9.75 INCH/24.8 CM

      Product No. 9 Standard Correspondence
      US SIZE 9 EU SIZE 40
      Foot Length 10 INCH/25.4 CM

      Product No. 10 Standard Correspondence
      US SIZE 10 EU SIZE 41
      Foot Length 10.25 INCH/26.0 CM

      Product No. 11 Standard Correspondence
      US SIZE 11 EU SIZE 42
      Foot Length 10.50 INCH/26.7 CM

      Product No. 12 Standard Correspondence
      US SIZE 12 EU SIZE 43
      Foot Length 10.75 INCH/27.3 CM


      High-quality long-staple cotton

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